Teletubbies Hill

Teletubbies Hill

Nusa Penida is full of amazing and unique sights, but this one is slightly different from anything the island has to offer. Teletubby Hill is a group of large round hills in the middle of the island named after a background view of the Teletubbies children's event.

After spending this place for several years now, I finally decided to stop by here last week and check it out. The official name of the point of view is Teletubbies Hill, but sometimes it is called the name Indonesia, Bukit Teletubbies, which has the same meaning.

The key to enjoying this perspective is to come here during or just after the rainy season, between December and March (approximately). April may be green too, but I can't say for sure.

If you come here in the rainy season, the hills will be the perfect green. During other months, the hills will dry and brown, so they won't look good.

After all, there was a gentle breeze on the hilltop and it was a quiet place to hang out engrossed.